Sights & Sounds!

What follows is a sampling of radio pieces and video performances. The quality of some of these is less than stellar, this being the Internet and all. In the future there will be high-def and 3D elements added to this page, or so I feel I should say.


NPR’s Marketplace show commissioned this critique of the Martha Stewart empire, pegged to the 25th anniversary of her first book (Entertaining). The piece aired in December of 2007.

Marketplace commissioned and produced this piece.  Then my editor left and, a year later, the piece was killed. But thanks to the magic of the Internet you can listen to it here.

A satire piece done for NPR, for a contest they ran in 2007.  I didn’t win but did make it past the first couple rounds.  Recorded at the lavish home studio of Billy Mann.


Telling a story at the Moth’s Mainstage about burying my son’s foreskin in Prospect Park.  The evening was called “OMG: Stories of the Sacred” as was held at the New York Public Library on October 21, 2010

Reading an essay at Rachel Kramer Bussel’s In The Flesh series, in early 2007.  The lighting is not great but you get the gist (on the upside it means you cannot really see my face, which is probably a good thing.)

Moderating a panel at Makor on the subject of gossip and celebrity, featuring Jessica Coen (then of, Kelly Will (of Star magazine) and Jessica Seigel (NYU professor).  Shot on May 10, 2006.